CST Railway Station, Mumbai


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus which is also called as CST is an historic railway station of India located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The CST station also knows as Victoria Terminus which is also serves as the headquarters of Central Railways. The UNESCO world heritage site is used by the people every day & CST was nominated by the UNESCO in year 2004. It is the one of the biggest landmark of the city & one of busiest railway station in India. It among top 10 railways station in world. The structure represents the heart of the mercantile facet of the city & also symbioses the British Commonwealth. CST has been associates with Mumbai from the time of British Raj. It was built in year 1887 in Bori Bunder of Mumbai on the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The entrance gate of the station has two columns one with Lion (represent the Britain) & other with Tiger (represent India) main structure is made of sandstone & limestone & interior structure has the Italian marble. Many sculptures designed on the exterior were design by the Indian students of JJ school of arts in Mumbai. The station was built by British architect Frederick William Stevens in 1848 to 1900 he received the 1,614,000 as the payment for his good work. The station tool 10 years to complete the building which is now the era of the Bombay. It serves both long-distance trains & commuter trains. The station name changed from Victoria Terminus to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in honors to the Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaji in year 1996 & again renamed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus in 2017. The Indian Peninsula Railway built its railway terminus of land where warehouse stood in 1853 & the station was named as Bori Bunder railway station. It operated the first passenger train in India from Bori Bunder to Thane time taken by the train to cover the distance was fifty-seven minutes. The Station has 18 platforms seven platforms for suburban trains & eleven for inter city trains the express like Duronto, Garib, Tejas express leaves from platforms 18. The good facilities were provided by the government like 58 beds for men & 20 for women’s. The station was also used for the films like “Jai Ho” song & for “Ra-One” film. It was the first railway services started in India, the rail prove indispensable to Mumbai functioning & to its growth. Now the structure of station has become iconic to the point of cliché. The government of India had the fort demolished & created the rooms for the groups of public building. In 2008 two terrorists were enter in the passenger hall of CST threw grenades on people. But finally one of the terrorists was caught alive by the Mumbai Police & identified by the eyewitnesses. The attackers killed 58 people & 104 were injured the CCTV evidence was used to identify the terrorists. Damaged portion were rebuilt again & the station is beautiful when it was before. The CST has much to do with its locations it connects administrative & business center of the city with its residential suburbs. Urban junction occupied its root as the city of Bombay change its character from military post of British to the mercantile capital. Mumbai & the Railway are made for each other which connect the people to each others. There are fewer trains that connect the city & CST is one of those trains. Mumbai is known as city of migrate the city must first taste the railway station. The architect has been there over 100 years & station is always very crowded with 200 trains running daily. Mumbai is only the Indian city that people over there can afford their own cars but still they travel by the Indian transports. It said that visit to Mumbai in incomplete if we don’t visit the CST Station, so does not miss to visit the station. In last few years railway has proposed to build the new projects in & around the CST. Project was Mumbai Metro Lines which have the station underground metro at CST & CST Panvel first.

Most Beautiful Railways Stations in India

There are Five Beautiful Stations in India & they are Mumbai Central, Maharashtra, Chennai Central, Tamil Nadu, Kanpur Central, Uttar Pradesh, Trivandrum Central, Kerala, Mangalore Central, and Karnataka. But we will see more about the Chennai Central of Tamil Nadu most beautiful station in Chennai city & in India. It is also known as Madras Central the main railway station in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu it is one of the most important hubs in the South. It connects the cities like Kolkata, Mumbai & New Delhi in India. The ChennaiCentral is among 23 stations in the country & part of the redevelopment under BFOT scheme. It also connects the Moore Market Complex station & Chennai park station. The Madras Central station building is 142 years old & one of the most prominent landmark of Chennai, designed by architect George Harding. When there was British rule over India the station served as gateway to South India & station still used as landmark for city & state. Very first the passenger train starts on Madras Central station carring 269 passengers in train total 644 stations are connected to Chennai Central. First station was build at Royapuram which remain the main station till now. The total length of station is about 950 m. The second station Madras Central was built in 1873 at Parktown at Royapuram harbor station which was utilized by the port movements. In 1907, the Madras railway Company made the madras Central station is the main station & gained prominence after the beach line was extended in south, Royapuram was no longer remain station for Madras. At time of British rule the Madras Central was the part of the South Indian Railway Company it was establish in year 1890 & has the headquartered in Trichinopoly. Egmore railway station was made in northern in 1908. They were planning to link Madras Central & Egmore but they later drop the plan. In 1959 changes were made to the Chennai station the station become electrified on 13 April 1979. Increasing the passenger movement the building was extended in 1998 with additional of new building with similar structure like the original building thus duplication of main building the station has 12 platforms. The 17 platforms handles long-distance train & 5 platforms are exclusively for the suburban trains. The station covers the platform area of 51,182 square meters. When the IRCTC was formed the modular stalls came up & food plazas were set up in year 1990. This station is first in India to placed cyber map. The station lies on southern arm of diamond junction of Chennai rail network where all lines meet the Chennai Suburban Railway. 200 trains arrive & depart from the station daily, which also include the 46 pairs of express train. Every day the 400,000 passengers use the station addition to it 20,000 visitors are there to see-off or receive. Station managed 491 trains every day & it has been projected that the number of passenger uses the main station every day. The station also face lots of traffic problems blocking of lines is the daily challenged of the traffic. It is also the major transport point for shipment of sea fish in south through trains. It handles the 200 boxes of fish for transportations each contain 50 kilogram to 70 kilogram of consumable fish it also handles the 500 postal bags. In April 2012 the GRP & Railway Protection Force (RPF) launched the helpline known as Kaakum Karangal. The station was been used for Indian novels & for films, television production over the years. The Integrated Security System (ISS) was launched in year 2012 which also contain sub-system as CCTV system with 54 IP-based cameras. A broad-gauge also called as Basin Bridge Train Care Center is located at northern side of the station where trains are checked, cleaned for the next trip. It is largest center in the Southern railway where 30 pairs of train inspected every day.

Orient Express

Orient Express was the first long-distance passenger train created in 1883 by compagnie international des wagons-lits. Soon it become the kings of trains & trains of kings the train also has the nickname & it was the Spies Express. It was so popular was it with secret agents.  The original Orient Express was just simply normal international railway service, but the name become popular with intrigue & long-distance travel. The route of the orient express & rolling has changed many times. The Orient Express is a showcase of luxury & comfortable time when travelling in the rough & dangerous areas. The two most popular cities the express is associated with are Paris & Istanbul. In the year 2009 express Hotels Ltd was renamed as the Belmond. The first express D’Orient left Paris from Vienna & Vienna remains terminus until Oct & it was officially renamed Orient Express in 1891. The original rout of the train which first ran on Oct 4 in 1883 was from Paris, Gare de I’Est to Giurgiu in Romania. In 1930 the Orient express was become most popular with his three parallel running services that are The Orient Express, the Simplon orient Express, & also the Arlberg Orient Express which ran from Zurich to Budapest. The Orient Express & the Arlberg Express has stop running only the Simplon was running. This was replaced by slower service called Direct Orient Express which runs daily from Paris to Belgrade. The Orient Express also incorporated sleeping cars which run from Calais to Paris which extend the service right from the one edge to other edge. The train had a convenient connection to the Strasbourg Paris but due to less price the charges has become less attractive. The Orient Express has passed the six different nations & ten different rail roads. The train was well-known for sleeping cars, five course meals & its royal travels. In the Orient Express the S-type sleeping has 10 wood-panelled compartments with one or two beds, washbasin but there are no baths or showers on board. The sleeper compartments are converted for daytime use into compact sitting sofa & small table there are no lounge car or seats car. Wealthy passengers travelling alone might pay for occupancy of 2-bed compartment with another the same sex. The Strasbourg-Vienna Orient Express made his last run in year 2009 Dec but from Europe-wide timetable it was on 13 Dec, the name Orient Express finally disappears. The express take some efforts on integrate fares, ticketing & marketing between the sleeper & Strasbourg-Paris TGV connection of Paris-Vienna services.  The pantry for the passenger in orient express is been prepared fresh in the train kitchen. Fresh ingredients are use on board at long route. Drinks are also available on additional charges. Chefs are delight to passengers request at the time of booking. Passengers pay for 1 class ticket & get wagons refreshments. An air-conditioned cabins, delicious teas & exquisite dinning with lots of entertainment make the journey unique. It is very aristocratic life in the Orient Express for the old peoples. The manager of the train says that people come here for the atmosphere they have afternoon tea, dinner & enjoyed the drinks in the car. In 1980, it was the fastest & better-timed train ran between Paris & Vienna during summer.

Rail History

Rail history

The first railway proposed for India was made in Madras in year 1832. The country first train was the Red Hill Railway made by Arthur cotton to transport for road building. The railway runs from Red Hill to Chintadripet Bridge in Madras. It was the first passenger train ran for 34 kilometer with taking 400 people in 14 carriages. Organization of Indian Railway into regional zones began in 1951, when Southern & central zone were created. Fans were given in all compartment class in 1951 & sleeping accommodations were also includes in it. Since, from 1986 the computerized ticketing & reservations were introduced in New Delhi. In 1998 coupon validating machines were also introduced at Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj terminus. Toilets were introduced in rail in year 1909. In Feb 2000, the Indian Railway website was went online & on 31 March 2017 the country entire rail network would be electrified by 2022. Hence IR runs more than 13,000 passenger trains daily on both long-distance & suburban routs across India. The railway has five digit numbering system & its runs on speed of 50.9 kilometer per hour. Indian Railway is the India’s national rail system in world. It is operated by the Railway Minister, it carry 8.26 billion passengers & transported 1.16 billion tons of freight in year 2018 March. All freight traffic & 99% of passenger traffic is carried on broad gauge with short stretches carrying the remaining traffic. Indian Railway is the today the largest rail network in Asia & world second largest network operated under single management. In India the fastest running train project was successfully completed at 160 km per hour. The Shatabdi is the currently fastest running train in Indian railway network. It reaches maxi speed of 150 kmph on Faridabad-Agra section. The first live telecast of railway was in year 1994 & the old Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav represents the railway budget six times in a row. New Delhi station has secure the place in Guinness book of record for world largest route relay system. This system has the multiple tracks it also help the divert train movement during the period of traffic. According to the economist the Indian Railway is the world’s seventh largest employer after US department. The longest route train is the Vivek Express running between the Dibrugarh & kanyakumari it covers 4,286 km in 82 hours & 30 min. In 19th century the Annual Report of the railway board contains the administrative & all statistical information, stock holding, and line opening of rolling stock information. Now the Indian Railway has built the world’s largest bridge five times height of Qutub Minar & 35 meter tall than the Eiffel Tower. The shortest name of the station is IB in Odisha & there is the other station of about 29 letters, it sometime spelled Sri prefixed. There are four sites of Railway that has been declared as “World heritage Sites” by UNESCO. The Fairy Queen is the oldest functioning train engine in the world run between the New Delhi & Alwar in Rajasthan. The railway maps of India & directories were found in Thacker’s Directories which is very useful.

Metro train

Metro train

The word Metro came from the abbreviation of Paris Metropolitan. A Metro train comes in picture, which become common word used to design all subway network. Metro is the easiest & comfortable ways of commuting started with underground railway & convenient lifeline of most of the metropolitan cities in India.  It is a rapid transits train system. The world first underground railway was metropolitan railway which comes in picture on Jan 10, 1863. It was built in shallow tunnel & now part of London underground. It has opened in Jan 1863 between Paddington & Farrington using gas lit wooden carriage by steam locomotives. It was the great success, carrying 38,000 passengers on its opening day & borrowing trains from other railway to supplement the services. Very fast use of metro in cities millions of people travel every day in metro. The first underground metro was open in Moscow in year 1935 & is one of the biggest metro systems in the world. The Moscow metro is the commonly have the most beautiful stations in the world. In India the first modern metro was began in 2002. Rapid metro rail was started in November 2013, is India’s first privately owned & operated metro. The first rapid transits in India were Kolkata metro which was started working in 1984. It is the great journey in metro; we can find the several milestones. The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh laid the foundation stone for the first phase of the Mumbai Metro Project which will begin in Fed 2008. A successful train runs in May 2013 & the system first line entered into operation on 8 June, 2014. Development of metro system across the globe is an interested thinking. While talking about the history of the Metro one prominent name come in our mind “Elattuvalapil sreedharan” commonly known as the metro man was behind these great efforts. He brings the metro concept live in peoples mind & due to his hard work, amazing & popular efforts the metro rail system becomes alive. The rail is time-saving, cost-effective & most of all, convenient & comfortable to all of us. The Metro system is also develop in Jaipur, Hyderabad & in Chennai. Soon, it will be started in Lucknow. Metro trains composed of both standard gauge & broad gauge. Delhi metro use the broad gauge for earlier lines, but now for all new projects in India they use the standard gauge. In metro we can use the 3G or 4G phone services, continuous use of WI-FI in train & has the 24/7 driver less electricity available in train. The Metro has come long way & has even a longer way to go. The developments are going fast pace without any doubt, new & better technology has been store for all of us in India.

Science Exhibition Express

science exhibition express

The Science Express was an innovative mobile science exhibition in the train. This project was launched on 30 October 2007 at safdarjung railway station Delhi. This exhibition was for children they mounted on a train which travels across the India. This project was primarily targeted for students & teachers. The project was initiated by the Department of Science & Technology in 2007. The Science express covers the topics like Big Bang, Building Blocks of life, Genes & universe. This exhibition on wheels or the Science Express is not an ordinary train. It is the longest-running & most visited mobile science exhibition in India. This train every year runs on various themes showcasing India’s natural riches & generating the awareness about the environment. It is the mega outreach program of DST, Govt of India & managed by the Vikram Sarabhai Community Science center. The mobile exhibition has completed its 8 phases which include the 4 phases of science express, 3 phases of Biodiversity special & one phase of climate action special. The current nine phase of the Science Express, flagged off on Feb 17 this year. The express has the six entries in the limca book of records in its journey & most visited mobile science exhibition. The exhibition is good opportunity to generate dialogue & discussion on science issues. From 2007 to 2011 the train traveled as a “Science Express” & spread the awareness about strength of science in global changes & some innovation in the field of modern science. IT was retreated specially for the students to know about the science issue & technology through exhibition, models, audio-visual display in the coaches of Science Express. Exhibition covers the wide range of climate and environment subjects in order to adapt to increasing effect of global warming on climate, water resources & human health. The Science Express traveled across the country halting at 64 locations in 20 states, covering about 19,800 km. It received an overwhelming response of 23,240 visitors, which include students as well as teachers & other general visitors with over 23, 24 lakh visitors & it was become the biggest Climate Change Awareness Program in the country. After it’s launched in Oct 2007, over 1.61 crore people had visited the Science Express. The biggest aim is to transfer the vehicle into the people movements & motivate the people to improve the science & technology issues.

Duronto express

Duronto Express

Duronto means “restless” in Bengal. Duronto Express is the fastest train in India with new services introduced with high speed limit of 120-130 km/h. It was introduced in year 2009 it’s run between the major cities without any intermediate halts. The first duronto express run between sealsah & new Delhi. The main benefits of this train are that they run non-stop from source to destination. It is the long distance train on Indian railways. The duronto express is easily recognized by the yellow-green livery of their passenger coaches. The Duronto Express services connect the metros & major state capitals of India. This train is projected as the fastest train between the particular pair of cities they serves. The government of Indian ministry of railway has introduced high speed train in India.For pre-feasibility study, the ministry of India chose the 500-kilometer stretch between Delhi & Amritsar. The duronto train provide four different classes of accommodation on Indian Railway, it also provide more passenger facilities than any other train. It has AC First Class, AC 2 tier, AC three tiers& three tire economy. Pantry cars are also providing in the train where cost of the meals is provided in the ticket itself. The cost of the express is less than the rajdhani express which ply the same routes. The economy class introduced side middle berths, which increase the capacity of the each coach from 72 to 81 passengers. This enables the trains to carry more passengers & reduce the waiting list & also the cost of the tickets. The duronto express is built of stainless steel which is lighter, anti-corrosive & more durable than ‘corten steel’. The safety of the train is central buffer couplers who have enhanced the load capacity which make the train derailment-proof. These trains run faster than the rajdhani express train which holds the record of faster trains in India. The new Delhi-seadah express take 16 hours to cover the journey against 17 hours taken by the rajdhani express.The duronto express however have the technical stoppages at few stations for facilities staff. There are presently 26 pairs of running Duronto express in India. Now almost all technical stop of duronto express has been converted into commercial ones for higher revenue.The train did not have any ticketing stops between the origin & destination. But in January 2016 it is possible to book tickets from those technical stops. In 2011 the cost of the express went high as the minister of railway announced a hike in railway fare. This gets trouble across the government. The feature of the duronto express is exclusive it has the LHB sleeper coach, the sleeper class is the most common coach & usually has the ten or more coaches attached to it. The dynamic pricing is applicable on all duronto expresses. The tickets prices for Duronto, Shatabdi & Rajdhani express trains are rise as Indian Railway have flexi fare system. But there will not be change in the existing fare for 1AC, economic class of travel, a railway ministry said. From the 9 sept the fare charges come in picture. The reserved fare is not apply to the already issued tickets for journey. All the passengers of these train are provided with meals & other services like Rajdhani express has given to their passengers. Dynamic fare services are also provided in these Duronto express.

An Indian Railway Hospital Service

hospital service

For the dream of Healthy India, the people should not be neglected or ignored, Lifeline express has started. To provide the medical help for the people in train the Jeevan Rekha is their. Hence it was launched in year 1991. If the disable person cannot reach the hospital the hospital will reach to them. with this idea it has become the World first hospital on rails, it also provide the free help for the disable or poor people, also give medical help to the 9 lac poor people in India. It not only provides the medical services but also the major surgeries of cancer patients of the Indian people. The current projects of the jeevan rekha serves 5,000 people and at every stop like local village and non- governmental organization they offer food and laundry services to control crowd.

It hasn’t been possible if the donated services and volunteers do not help to organization of Jeevan rekha express. It not only provides the medical help but serve the people with the classroom to local village doctors. This train is nothing but the National Pride to our Country. Even today, when lifeline express arrives for camp, hundreds of patients come up with the flowers and the fruits for the doctors.
In 2016 hiralal lodhi from madhye Pradesh is the first patient operated in India for cancer surgery in the lifeline express.

Our old Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and Union minister of Health and Family inaugurated the two coaches, one which will serve for cancer and other indicated for the family health service. The seven coaches of jeevan express has the operation theaters, a Pathology Lab, a Mammography unit, a Gynaecology Examination Room, a Dental Unit, Pharmacy, Consultation Cubicles, X-RAY. The lifeline has the strong WI-FI connection with that doctors are able to get help the patients while sitting in metropolitan city examine patient’s x-ray reports and other images. In year 1990 they provided the permanent treatment to the polio patients but over the year they also provided the treatment for the others like, dental surgeries, plastic surgeries, epilepsy services, cancer treatment and school health education for ural children. A medical team visit the area before the lifeline express arrived from the location and asses the health requirement to the local. Inspired from this services many big company sponsors the Jeevan Rekha Express. Impact from this is India has recived the Rs 1.1 crore from Cognizant Foundation for the new cancer coach.  Among its other sponsors like Mahindra and Mahindra, Tata Chemicals, Tata Steel, Tata Trust, Emirates Airlines, SBI also give their support. The Lifeline express aim is to provide good services to the people suffering from the various kinds of disabilities many disorders of eyes, noise and many more.
Hence, India being a developing country, Railway plays an important role in the Indian economy for transportation. Thus the Indian Railway has the largest network in whole world, many trains are there but still some are unique in nature like Jeevan Rekha Express. The Indian Railway not only provides the connectivity to the world but also educates the people and also provides the medical facilities to the people all over the world. So the Indian Railway plays a major role in the Indian tourism.

The Mahamana Express

mahatma Express

The word swanky will not enough! It is the first model train in India which has the new coaches made at the Carriage Rehabilitation Workshop in Bhopal. For its upgraded design and facilities in the passenger train in India. Mahamana express has recorded his name in history. The train that plies between new Delhi and Varanasi with all his newly refurbished coaches, modern amenities, discharge water tap, modules of new toilets, fans, Led lights that give an standardized feel to the train. The Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives flage to the new swanky superfast train connecting Delhi and Varanasi on January 22. It’s called as Mahamana Express because it covers the distance between two cities in 14 hours. Name for the train is given by the Minister of State, Manoj Sinha. It is commonly known as Mahamana or a great human being. The Prime Minister congratulated the railway minister for train, and also said that this model will soon replace in the other country. The Mahamana Express has the upgraded interiors luggage racks are also have been provided in the non AC coaches. These also include one First AC, AC 2 tier, nine sleeper class, four general class & 2 second class. Ladder for climbing on upper berth has been provided & it also been redesigned. The toilets in this express have super quality fitting & odour control system. Pantry car has electrically operated chimney. This project was started in 2011, to redesign the interior of passengers in railway. The refreshed loaded in the train with more ease of use, they has decided to charge 15 per cent more for Mahamana Express. Before the flagging off was organized they have approved to jack up fare for this train which was received by the PMO. Some other features of Mahanama express includes panels, ergonomically designed ladder for climbing, toilets with big mirror, platform washbasin, exhaust fan LED lights & dustbin inside the toilets charging points are also made available for every berth in train. It has the panels without screws & minimum hatch inside the passenger’s area for safety purpose & aesthetics use of super material for panels in terms of toxicity & fire retardations. All the coaches if the Express have been manufactured in Bhopal factory. The  Mahamana Express pushes the Make In India initative of Modi. Like others train Mahamana Express is the weakly train that runs from Varanasi every Friday & from Vadodara every Wednesday. In India this is the third Mahamana Express running. The first part of the Mahamana was unveiled & running between the Varanasi to New Delhi & from Bhopal to khajuraho.

The purpose of this train is to serves the passengers a comfortable travel experience & also connects the metro cities to the small cities & stations which have less number of train services. An initiative from foreign train Indian railway has made the 1st model train making us assures that railway & associated travelling are soaring high.

Indian Railway

insian railway

The fact remains same that Indian Railway handles almost 23 millions passangers and over three million tones of freight every day. Indian railway is an institution for national service and nation building. Well in front is the driver known has pilot and other his assistant. The guard at the end of the train is the person in charge of the train. The Indian train runs on the diesel or electricity depending on the route. Their are two to four coaches in the train 2 are just behind the engine and 2 at the end. You do need any reservation for traveling in second class; it is the cheapest way to travel in Indian Railway. But only the catch is that there is no reservation for the seat no sleeping berths you will be sit for 2 nights. Now day’s seats are padded rather then wooden if you get seats there is no garentue of seat is fix. Empty seats are open for everyone to occupy. Facilities provided to the general seat are minimum, food are taken from the venders. There are toilets with water attached to them; fans are provided to every seat washbasin is there at both end of the train. But today the most important way of travelling is train. In big cities the people know the importance of it. Their is grate use of metro in cities millions of people travel every day in metro train. Heavy durable industrial trains carry the 40% of goods between the different cities, towns and continents.

Bookings of the railway tatkal tickets are no longer a dream. No one use the words like “paise kat gaya or ticket bhe nhi mela”. Due to IRCTC the booking of tickets has become easier, for every one the IRCTC website is available in a minute. Waiting for train at railway stations, every one is on phone finding for train time a 1000 times, right? But now the railway stations install the Wi-Fi connection and announced of free wi-fi services around 400 stations, in partnership with the  google. The railway minister puyash goyal said the ministry will do more work on the technology so that the network becomes safe. From 73,00 core, the ministry will use 20,000 crore on the rail safety funds. From this year there is end of the VIP culture to make the railway profitable on citizen demand and government has taken the step to reduse the VIP culture on roads, so from now it is time to reduce the VIP culture in Indian Railway too. Thus using the functionality of the IRCTC, website become smooth and ticket booking has become easier. By using this website people give an option on website where people can book the emergency quota tickets on present required documents. Their are 5 trains of difference in India! This has become the pride of India. They are Varanasi Express, Lifeline Express, Red Ribbon Express, Mahamana Express, and last but not the least Science Express. In this which we like the most is the lifeline Express which not only give the medical care to the poor people but also educated them. Passengers has the benefits of improvements, including

  • Introduced of free WI-FI in Indian railway stations.
  • All ticket machines to offer contactless payment.
  • Tatkal available tickets.
  • Improvement to station and in train.
  • Batter safety of passengers.