Barog Railway Station

barog station

Barog railway station is the little railway station in Solan District in Indian in state of Himachal Pradesh located in the Choor Chandni Hill of Himalayas & has the colourfull history. The station was built in 1903 the building of station has Scottish-style gabled roofs & it is surrounded by the mountains hills which has the beautiful nature. Station is on UNESCO site Kalka-Shimla Railway the station is located at the altitude of 1,552metres above & the railway station has allocated the code of BOF under jurisdiction of Ambala railway division. Barog station was settled in early 20th century during the narrow gauge of Kalka-Shimla Railway. Many residents are there in Barog they stay over there in houses & flats. The economy depends on tourists, who come here for its cool climate & proximately to Chandigarh. The person over there depends on agriculture & especially on tomato & the local public is illiterate which result in economy of progress. The Barog station also serves the fitness camp for Indian National Hockey & athletic teams’ members. The Barog station also has the tunnel which is longest of 103 operational tunnels on the route of Shimla Railway basically trains take the 2.5 minutes to cross the tunnels. Shimla also knows as the Queens of Hills & is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. There are two longest tunnels on the track they are at Barog & other is Tara Devi the tunnels were built between 1900 & 1903 by the Engineer of Dharampur division. It named after Barog is a British Railway Engineer. During its construction the Barog Tunnel passes through fissured sandstone that has tragic tale. At both the ends the workers were digging & boring but they do not meet or cross the center of the mountain. The workers become hopeless & they start to blame the Colonel Barog but he also realizes that the calculation he had done was wrong & the both ends of the tunnel could not meet. The British engineer could not like this that all workers are blaming to his work, so he shot himself in his because he gets into the long desperation. His dog seeing his master death ran to the village near the railway station for the help. However the people reach over there he was dead. He was buried in front of the tunnel near the Kalka-Shimla Railway Station. After his death the forlorn tunnels has been closed. Then the other Chief Engineer H.S Herlington given the charge to built the new tunnel but the Engineer face the same problem that he also not finds the proper alignment of the railway track. Then he takes the guidance from the Baba Bhalku a saint near Chali. Tunnel was construct one Kilometer away from earlier ones & expense was needed is of Rs.8.40 lakh the work of the tunnel & it was completed in Sept 1903 so the name given as Colonel Berog to the Tunnel No 23. It said that the Baba Bhalku help the British Railway Engineers to built other tunnels on the Shimla-kalka railway track.

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