Most Beautiful Railways Stations in India

There are Five Beautiful Stations in India & they are Mumbai Central, Maharashtra, Chennai Central, Tamil Nadu, Kanpur Central, Uttar Pradesh, Trivandrum Central, Kerala, Mangalore Central, and Karnataka. But we will see more about the Chennai Central of Tamil Nadu most beautiful station in Chennai city & in India. It is also known as Madras Central the main railway station in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu it is one of the most important hubs in the South. It connects the cities like Kolkata, Mumbai & New Delhi in India. The ChennaiCentral is among 23 stations in the country & part of the redevelopment under BFOT scheme. It also connects the Moore Market Complex station & Chennai park station. The Madras Central station building is 142 years old & one of the most prominent landmark of Chennai, designed by architect George Harding. When there was British rule over India the station served as gateway to South India & station still used as landmark for city & state. Very first the passenger train starts on Madras Central station carring 269 passengers in train total 644 stations are connected to Chennai Central. First station was build at Royapuram which remain the main station till now. The total length of station is about 950 m. The second station Madras Central was built in 1873 at Parktown at Royapuram harbor station which was utilized by the port movements. In 1907, the Madras railway Company made the madras Central station is the main station & gained prominence after the beach line was extended in south, Royapuram was no longer remain station for Madras. At time of British rule the Madras Central was the part of the South Indian Railway Company it was establish in year 1890 & has the headquartered in Trichinopoly. Egmore railway station was made in northern in 1908. They were planning to link Madras Central & Egmore but they later drop the plan. In 1959 changes were made to the Chennai station the station become electrified on 13 April 1979. Increasing the passenger movement the building was extended in 1998 with additional of new building with similar structure like the original building thus duplication of main building the station has 12 platforms. The 17 platforms handles long-distance train & 5 platforms are exclusively for the suburban trains. The station covers the platform area of 51,182 square meters. When the IRCTC was formed the modular stalls came up & food plazas were set up in year 1990. This station is first in India to placed cyber map. The station lies on southern arm of diamond junction of Chennai rail network where all lines meet the Chennai Suburban Railway. 200 trains arrive & depart from the station daily, which also include the 46 pairs of express train. Every day the 400,000 passengers use the station addition to it 20,000 visitors are there to see-off or receive. Station managed 491 trains every day & it has been projected that the number of passenger uses the main station every day. The station also face lots of traffic problems blocking of lines is the daily challenged of the traffic. It is also the major transport point for shipment of sea fish in south through trains. It handles the 200 boxes of fish for transportations each contain 50 kilogram to 70 kilogram of consumable fish it also handles the 500 postal bags. In April 2012 the GRP & Railway Protection Force (RPF) launched the helpline known as Kaakum Karangal. The station was been used for Indian novels & for films, television production over the years. The Integrated Security System (ISS) was launched in year 2012 which also contain sub-system as CCTV system with 54 IP-based cameras. A broad-gauge also called as Basin Bridge Train Care Center is located at northern side of the station where trains are checked, cleaned for the next trip. It is largest center in the Southern railway where 30 pairs of train inspected every day.

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