CST Railway Station, Mumbai


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus which is also called as CST is an historic railway station of India located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The CST station also knows as Victoria Terminus which is also serves as the headquarters of Central Railways. The UNESCO world heritage site is used by the people every day & CST was nominated by the UNESCO in year 2004. It is the one of the biggest landmark of the city & one of busiest railway station in India. It among top 10 railways station in world. The structure represents the heart of the mercantile facet of the city & also symbioses the British Commonwealth. CST has been associates with Mumbai from the time of British Raj. It was built in year 1887 in Bori Bunder of Mumbai on the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The entrance gate of the station has two columns one with Lion (represent the Britain) & other with Tiger (represent India) main structure is made of sandstone & limestone & interior structure has the Italian marble. Many sculptures designed on the exterior were design by the Indian students of JJ school of arts in Mumbai. The station was built by British architect Frederick William Stevens in 1848 to 1900 he received the 1,614,000 as the payment for his good work. The station tool 10 years to complete the building which is now the era of the Bombay. It serves both long-distance trains & commuter trains. The station name changed from Victoria Terminus to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in honors to the Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaji in year 1996 & again renamed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus in 2017. The Indian Peninsula Railway built its railway terminus of land where warehouse stood in 1853 & the station was named as Bori Bunder railway station. It operated the first passenger train in India from Bori Bunder to Thane time taken by the train to cover the distance was fifty-seven minutes. The Station has 18 platforms seven platforms for suburban trains & eleven for inter city trains the express like Duronto, Garib, Tejas express leaves from platforms 18. The good facilities were provided by the government like 58 beds for men & 20 for women’s. The station was also used for the films like “Jai Ho” song & for “Ra-One” film. It was the first railway services started in India, the rail prove indispensable to Mumbai functioning & to its growth. Now the structure of station has become iconic to the point of cliché. The government of India had the fort demolished & created the rooms for the groups of public building. In 2008 two terrorists were enter in the passenger hall of CST threw grenades on people. But finally one of the terrorists was caught alive by the Mumbai Police & identified by the eyewitnesses. The attackers killed 58 people & 104 were injured the CCTV evidence was used to identify the terrorists. Damaged portion were rebuilt again & the station is beautiful when it was before. The CST has much to do with its locations it connects administrative & business center of the city with its residential suburbs. Urban junction occupied its root as the city of Bombay change its character from military post of British to the mercantile capital. Mumbai & the Railway are made for each other which connect the people to each others. There are fewer trains that connect the city & CST is one of those trains. Mumbai is known as city of migrate the city must first taste the railway station. The architect has been there over 100 years & station is always very crowded with 200 trains running daily. Mumbai is only the Indian city that people over there can afford their own cars but still they travel by the Indian transports. It said that visit to Mumbai in incomplete if we don’t visit the CST Station, so does not miss to visit the station. In last few years railway has proposed to build the new projects in & around the CST. Project was Mumbai Metro Lines which have the station underground metro at CST & CST Panvel first.

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