Ghum Station

ghum station

The Ghum Railway Station of Darjeeling Himalayas Railway is the highest railway station in India. Ghum is also called as “Ghoom” the Ghum has been on the map since from the British Raj & the mountain railway has the numbers of visitors. Ghum railway station is blessed by the natural beauty & the town over there is always delightful. Ghum is the small mountain located in the Darjeeling Himalayas which is the most beautiful station in West Bengal it is also the UNESO world Heritage. It comes under the Darjeeling Municipality. It is the home of the Buddhist Monasteries a bend of the Darjeeling Himalayas the “Yi GA Choling Gompa” is the most famous monastery of the Ghum station. It is located at the height of 2,258 meter it is the meeting point of various roads. The construction of Darjeeling railway was started in year 1879 & it was reach the track of Ghum in April 1881. They use the steam-engine trains for the journey from Kolkata to Darjeeling & it take 5-6 days they also use the bullock carts & palanquins. The trains starts climbing in descending manner after the trains climb to Siliguri to Gham it climb about 1,000ft in descending order to Darjeeling. The tourist claims that the station is the highest railway station in world. The hill has the highest concentration of the Indian Army. Near the station it has the Buddhist monastery which was built in 1875. Next to the station it has the DHR museum which is the oldest one of the three museum of Darjeeling railways it also has the small baby train name as Sivok oldest train which was operated in year 1881 & many other has the rare has some picture of the Himalayas Railways. The Ghum has the interconnection to the roads which will take us to the different places like Kalimpong, Darjeeling & many other places. The Ghum station is always covering with mist every year during winter the atmosphere become very chilly. This hill is famous for taking the view of sunrise in Himalayas. It is at the distance of 63 km from Siliguri vehicles Shared jeeps are easily available there the Ghum station will take us many twist & turns of the Darjeeling hills. The main town of the Ghum has the spiritual, historical & natural history of Darjeeling for picturesque coalition. The hill cart road that is famous for the main Darjeeling to Ghum is ancient routes. If we travel from Ghum to Darjeeling Railway the mighty Batasia loops will fall in our way. It also holds the memories of the solders of Indian army. Thus this Railway station is most beautiful & has some historical information.

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