An Indian Railway Hospital Service

hospital service

For the dream of Healthy India, the people should not be neglected or ignored, Lifeline express has started. To provide the medical help for the people in train the Jeevan Rekha is their. Hence it was launched in year 1991. If the disable person cannot reach the hospital the hospital will reach to them. with this idea it has become the World first hospital on rails, it also provide the free help for the disable or poor people, also give medical help to the 9 lac poor people in India. It not only provides the medical services but also the major surgeries of cancer patients of the Indian people. The current projects of the jeevan rekha serves 5,000 people and at every stop like local village and non- governmental organization they offer food and laundry services to control crowd.

It hasn’t been possible if the donated services and volunteers do not help to organization of Jeevan rekha express. It not only provides the medical help but serve the people with the classroom to local village doctors. This train is nothing but the National Pride to our Country. Even today, when lifeline express arrives for camp, hundreds of patients come up with the flowers and the fruits for the doctors.
In 2016 hiralal lodhi from madhye Pradesh is the first patient operated in India for cancer surgery in the lifeline express.

Our old Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and Union minister of Health and Family inaugurated the two coaches, one which will serve for cancer and other indicated for the family health service. The seven coaches of jeevan express has the operation theaters, a Pathology Lab, a Mammography unit, a Gynaecology Examination Room, a Dental Unit, Pharmacy, Consultation Cubicles, X-RAY. The lifeline has the strong WI-FI connection with that doctors are able to get help the patients while sitting in metropolitan city examine patient’s x-ray reports and other images. In year 1990 they provided the permanent treatment to the polio patients but over the year they also provided the treatment for the others like, dental surgeries, plastic surgeries, epilepsy services, cancer treatment and school health education for ural children. A medical team visit the area before the lifeline express arrived from the location and asses the health requirement to the local. Inspired from this services many big company sponsors the Jeevan Rekha Express. Impact from this is India has recived the Rs 1.1 crore from Cognizant Foundation for the new cancer coach.  Among its other sponsors like Mahindra and Mahindra, Tata Chemicals, Tata Steel, Tata Trust, Emirates Airlines, SBI also give their support. The Lifeline express aim is to provide good services to the people suffering from the various kinds of disabilities many disorders of eyes, noise and many more.
Hence, India being a developing country, Railway plays an important role in the Indian economy for transportation. Thus the Indian Railway has the largest network in whole world, many trains are there but still some are unique in nature like Jeevan Rekha Express. The Indian Railway not only provides the connectivity to the world but also educates the people and also provides the medical facilities to the people all over the world. So the Indian Railway plays a major role in the Indian tourism.

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