Kanpur Station

kanpur station

Indian Railway is the largest networks in the world, 8.3 billion passengers travel from one place to other. We can say that the Indian Railway is one of the crucial factors of economy of the country on which we depends. One of the four railway station in India is the Kanpur railway station it is the largest railway station in Uttar Pradesh which is also called as Kanpur Central. Which was founded in year 1928 & it was completed in 1930. The architect was get inspired by the construction of the Char Bagh railway stations in Lucknow it which was built by the British In year 1934. It is the one of the fifth railway station in India & busiest station in Uttar Pradesh in frequency of trains around 372 trains pass from the station daily. It is intercity rail & commuter rail station in Kanpur which is located on Howrah-Delhi gauge passing from Uttar Pradesh. The traffic was recorded & it was around 150,000 passengers. The railway station need to be world-class & the Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee included Kanpur Central in her list she also includes the funding in this work. The re-modeling of Kanpur Station has being since long time & done in phases. It will change the look of the Kanpur Station in the coming future. There are two footbridges over the tracks; Howrah Bridge & Delhi Bridge has the one underpass route which connects all railway platforms. They also improve the lighting work on the railway station numbers of lightning are provided in subway which connects platforms they also improve the safety of the passengers when they use the subway to reach the platforms. To tackles the water problems round the clock water monitoring committee was establish to solve the water crisis. The committee was set up so that the passengers can register their complaints about the drinking water. It also includes the passenger facilitation center which provides the services to the passengers into one building. The services are train inquiries, sale of railway time-table & tickets booking. It also includes the waiting room, wheel chair booking for the handicaps passengers, booking office, cloak room, luggage room, parcel booking center which is located on platforms. The railway system has launched the token system for the passengers to reduce the long time for waiting of reservation. Four new electronic coaches were installed at platform so it will be easier for passenger to identify the train halts. The install of electronic coach is the part of beautification drive at the Kanpur railway station. The another proposal is to built the underground parking which will first in railway station that ensure the flow of the traffic & occupy the place outside the station It is among top hundred booking station of Indian Railways. The train runs between the Aligarh & Kanpur route because the goods trains derailed at bridge due to this traffic on Kanpur station the movement of all train was affected collapsed. Even the regular trains arriving from the station were delayed by several hours. Thus the Kanpur Railway Station is the best station in Indian Railway history.

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