Lucknow Railway Station Charbagh

lucknow railway staion

Lucknow railway station is one of the most beautiful stations from the two main railway stations in Lucknow city.  More than the Railway Station it is one of the beautiful architecture along with the institution history of century. The building of the Railway station is foundation stone laid in 1914 & it is completed in year 1923. It was designed by the engineer Prasad for Ms Lanebrown & Hulett. It was opened in year 1867 for the Lucknow-Kanpur traffic. The Lucknow division was the part of East Indian railway in year 1952. The official name of the Lucknow railway station is the Lucknow NR. The word Char Bagh means the four gardens it is also connected with all metro & important cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai, Jammu. It is the busiest station in India 85 passengers trains were originate from here & 300 trains pass from this station.  It handle about 110 coaching that has 220 trains 33 pairs of goods are handled by this station & this will increase the demand of traffic. It has rectangular ground plan with its projection & there are many towers of clusters Awadhi domes it is the wide raise platform which has various has & rooms for the passenger for official purposes. It is also the main hub of Lucknow-Kanpur Suburban Railway system. It has nine platforms. The Lucknow station has some unique feature that it has the aerial view of the building that looks like chess board & pillars appears as the chess game so it is consider as the most beautiful station in India. The Government Railway police of India have given the certificate of ISO 9001.  Platform No. 6 has accessible to two wheelers & for cars it has the cabway & the cabway is third cabway in Indian Railway after Howrah railway station. on May in year 2016 160 express train 28 superfast trains 18 slow passenger trains was started from or pass through the Lucknow Railway Station. The old Lucknow station was terminus for meter gauge trains of North Eastern Railway zone then most of the tracks has conversion to 1676mm broad gauge of under the Unigauge projects but Now the station does not has the meter gauge tracks. Lucknow is also known for ganga, Jamuni so how we forget the Charbagh of this aspect. Outside the station Hanuman temple is attaché next to it. The railway station is really beautiful with the extra ordinary exteriors & palace garden in front of station. It is the heart of the city for public transport. Underground parking must be there for growing traffic the upper part of the station has the multipurpose restaurants, small shopping mall & entertainment area so the people who are waiting for trains can use their time over there. The lower part has the parking areas for the vehicles. The major problem missing in the railway station is the cleanliness outside & inside should be clean in all sense. The new metro project was started in Charbagh station which keeps the station healthy. The people of Lucknow also called it as ‘Chhoti Lines’ to the railway station. The railway station has some facilities of washrooms, waiting area, food court, shopping areas, ATM & drinking water are available. They ate trying to remodel the station which will be turn into the world class station. Inside the remodeling is going on that will look like an airport. The separate arrival & departure are the part of plan so the platform will become less crowded.

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