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pnr status

PNR…! You may be thinking what is it & why it’s so important in Indian Railway. So please give attention to this article. PNR is the Passenger Name Record which is in the database of the Indian Railway computer system which has the journey details of the passengers. When we booked the train tickets from the Indian Railway all details of passenger are associated with the ten digit number this ten digit number is called the PNR which is on the tickets. The passengers details like name, age, gender, mobile no etc are saved in the database with the reference number it also contain the information about the booking status & current status of the tickets. Thus the new reservation status is called as PNR status. Now you are having the question that where to find the PNR number in ticket? Right. The number is printed on the top corner of the tickets. But when the tickets are books online the PNR number is on the top of separate cell in the tatkal autofill form. If we want to check the PNR status in tickets there are many ways that are enquiry through the online website, using the SMS, by mobile, railway enquiry counters & finally check the reservation charts. PNR number is important travelling by train but it become useless when we complete the journey it does not available to the public. The PNR number last till 9 months in the database of the Indian Railway after that it get removed from the database. Metro trains are design with latest technology & numbers of facilities but they run in few cities like Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata it has the high demand so government has decided to expand it in the others cities. The metro train tickets are not generated the PNR number because no one can reserve the site in the train they run on the schedule time. The Express & super fast Express can booked the reserved tickets of train so the PNR number can be generate on each tickets to identify the passenger this facilities are made available for the non reserved trains. The center of railway Information System stores the information of the passenger details in the database it create the 10 digits number called as PNR status number when the person bys the tickets of an Indian Railway. The PNR number can only booked the six passenger tickets in a group. So the PNR status is not so difficult to understand or to find so for checking tickets status use the PNR page for easy checking status of the tickets. Why it’s so important to check PNR status because it is very common to find the train tickets in waiting list while we are booking the tickets on Indian Railway. For confirmation of tickets we should check the current PNR status.

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