Tatkal Tickets Booking

Tatkal booking is meant for the last minutes reservation in Indian Railway & it was established by Indian Railway. Booking will starts one day in advanced Tatkal means ‘immediately’. Tatkal was introduced in October 1, 2014 which covers half of tickets. It is the facility meant for the passenger who is undertaken the train journey in short time. Tatkal tickets booking facilities is provided on payment of premium charges on ‘first comes first serves’ basis it is the easiest & convenient way to booked the tatkal tickets for last minutes. The Tatkal tickets can be purchased online only. We must keep in mind while booking the tatkal tickets thousands of people are also trying to book the tickets on last time so one must keep their browser open when the tatkal timing starts from 10 am to 11 am & numbers of users are using this concept for tickets booking. Booking starts from the 10 am for air conditioned coaches & for sleeper coaches it starts from 11 am. IRCTC from its apps & from its website offers online booking facilities under tatkal scheme. Tatkal facilities is now available on the Internet through www.irctctatkal.co.in booking software it is allow for all classes tatkal charges for per passenger in addition to normal ticket fare & also check the availability for the Tatkal Quota before booking. The website advice passengers that first checks tickets are available under the general booking facilities before opening the tatkal scheme. Tatkal tickets can be canceled but no refund will be given & if you have faster internet connection the tickets become easier. The tatkal tickets are booked by the government website or by the agents themselves. The information needed for reservation form is very simple we must know the Aadhar card no, photo identification, pan card & student need there ID card issued by their college. Clear trip is the ease way of knowing the information about the train time & easy to use. If we have the sudden plan change then we can cancel the booking with clear trip option. Partial cancelation of the tatkal booking can be done. During the journey if one passenger ID card number is noted on the ticket then he must to show the original identification proof otherwise he has to pay for the tickets charges. The website shares the highest conversation within the world. The tatkal tickets are sold about 40-45,000 between the 10am to 11am. But in 2015 the miss use of the scheme change the rule by the Railway Minister that tatkal ticket booking time will be from 10.30am to 11.30am. Limited number of tickets can be booked by using the tatkal scheme maximum only the four passengers can booked the tickets at the time & no concession is allowed in the tatkal tickets booking. Thus the tatkal ticket booking scheme are important to do the tatkal confirmation on tickets bookings. Numbers of users are using this concept for tickets booking.

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