Vijayawada Station

Vijayawada is one of the second busiest railway stations in South India it was constructed in year 1888 when the main route were connected with other lines. It was categories as A-1 station & 10th model of Indian Railway in the Vijayawada Division in year 2008.  The station is an Indian Railway station in the Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh. The railway station serves around the 1.40 lakh passengers & 250 express & 150 freight trains. The Nizam Guaranteed State Railway construct the line between the Secunderbad Station & Vijayawada is an extension railway station which becomes the junction of three lines in year 1889. The broad gauge line was construct between the Vijayawada & Chennai in 1 Nov 1899. The fastest steam train was introduced as a Golconda Express between the Vijayawada & Secunderbad in the year 1969 it run as the average speed of 58 km/h. The tracks in the station electrified & broad gauge it has 10 platforms in which seventh platform is the largest one. The Station has the two main lines Howrah-Chennai & New Delhi-Chennai. This station is financial hub for the state of Andhra Pradesh it is also well known for the ancient temple of Kanakadurga. It has the standard layout with perfect traction inside the station. The station has the headquarters which was moved from the Bhubaneswar to Visakhapatnam & has the major development, new appearance in five years. The Indian Railway spend around 3.5 crore for the improvement of the transport hub. The aspect was to improve the Security Schema which include construction of walls around the station, reduced the number of entrances. The railway station has the various facilities available for the passengers. The railway ministry has spend over 6 crore on the new three platforms & on separate ticket-booking counters at entrance. Only the Vijayawada station has the five entrances gate in India. The stall on the station has been shifted inside the buildings waiting rooms & hall of the platforms has been renovated & redesign again. The circulating areas of the railway station has been develop on the side of the station the old structure demolished the goods are also shifted on the other location. The presently over bridge landson platforms & all existing platforms has extended into the circulating area to main entrance of the station so that the passengers feel easy to come out from the station. The LED coach has been fixed on all platforms, water taps are there for peoples to drink water, lightning on the platforms so that the passenger feel safe & all other circulation are improved on the railway station. The station houses the diesel loco shed which is WDM-2 locomotives & also has the electric loco shed they are WAG-7, WAM-4, and WAP-4 locos. The station has arranges the new route relay interlocking system which has Fast & Punctual movement of the train. The Vijayawada station is the only station that generate more profit then the other station in south central railway of India. Thus the Vijayawada station is most popular & busiest station in the city of Andhra Pradesh.

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